Service Solutions

Products & Services

Comprehensive Service Capabilities

Front-End Support

Technical Advice

Aftermarket Support

Customer Needs

  • Wide variety of industry-leading products
  • Systems design & engineering
  • Proximity & on-time delivery
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Product training
  • Systems knowledge
  • Aftermarket parts
  • MRO services
  • Loyal customer base

Flow Control Solution

  • Best-in-class products from leading manufacturers
  • Work collaboratively with customers to customize systems in advance of an RFP process
  • Service technicians, outside sales reps and inside sales reps help customers solve technical issues
  • Customers rely on the company to train employees on proper operation and maintenance of key equipment
  • Quarterly scheduled maintenance as well as break/fix and major system overhaul services
  • Most customers do not have expert repair personnel in-house, customers rely on Flow Control Group’s certified technicians
Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Air Compression, Dehydration & Purification

Installation Services, Preventative Maintenance, 24 Hour Emergency Services.

Medical Devices

Pump Skids & Repair Services

A full-service repair center ready to provide you with services designed to fit your needs

Medical Devices

Instrumentation Repair, Calibration & Installation

The medical devices manufacturing facilities have highly specialized requirements and documented regulatory standards.